Simulator equipment and peripherals

AVS can provide a range of off-the-shelf and bespoke simulator equipment and peripherals to military users and simulation system developers.

From optics and display devices such as binoculars, weapon sights and head mounted displays through to vehicle components and subsystems including crew headsets, push to talk boxes and other control interfaces. Our simulator hardware connects to VBS3 out of the box, and can be easily integrated into other simulation applications. 

optics and displays

Our simulator optics can be used to enhance a wide range of training systems, from observer and call-for-fire trainers, through to engagement skills and scenario training. Our optics are provided in a range of display resolutions and fields of view and can support a range of simulation applications and video input formats.


Simulator Binoculars

Our model 3S simulator binoculars provide an intuitive method for observers, FOs and JTACs to observe and interact with a virtual environment. With high resolution displays, full VBS3 compatibility and optional wireless connectivity these binoculars deliver superb performance and can be easily integrated into new or existing simulation systems.

By utilising modern additive manufacturing techniques and advances in microdisplay technology, AVS produces optics and display equipment at a fraction of the cost of legacy simulated military equipment, while providing  flexibility to replicate real world devices. 

To request a trial of our simulator binoculars or other optic equipment, please contact us


Simulator hardware and peripherals

AVS also provides COTS and bespoke simulator hardware and peripherals for a range of simulator requirements. As with our simulator optics, our hardware has been fully integrated with VBS3, providing plug and play functionality. 

Our vehicle crewman headset provides radio and intercom communications as well as providing the user with the environmental sounds from the virtual simulation. The headset features volume control and dual push to talk switches. The headset can be fitted to the in-service tier 2 dismounted combatant helmet, or worn without a helmet as a conventional headset.

The crewman headset can be combined with the AVS helmet mounted display and head tracking system to provide a full 360 degree out-of-hatch viewing capability for cupola weapon operators and can operate in both both day view and night vision goggle modes. 

We can also design bespoke hardware and equipment, please contact us today to inquire how AVS can provide capability to your project.